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Does My Business Really Need a Website?

It’s not news to anyone that the Internet has made a huge impact on how people live in the 21st century. The Internet has already begun to displace games, TV, music, newspapers, phone books, magazines and other traditional forms of information and entertainment. In a sense the Internet is all of those things and more.


Though very much aware of the Internet, many small business owners are still unsure of the impacts that these changes will bring or how they can put the Internet to use in their business. There are many ways that a small business, organization or professional working from home or office can benefit from establishing a website.

A website should be an investment, not an expense. Like any investment that you make in your business, you should expect a positive return on that investment. This return can come through either generating increased revenue, reducing costs or improving efficiencies. A Springboard Site can help you in one or more of the following ways:

Help Customers Find Your Business and Generate New Business! - For a growing number of people, the Internet is the modern day yellow pages. When people look for a business they turn to the web, and this is becoming more true each day. A Springboard Sitebuilder solution combined with a well managed pay-per-click ad campaign can start driving business to your door immediately!

Reach a Broader Market! - Many businesses find it difficult to reach customers outside of a very small local area. Even yellow pages are limited to local or regional areas. The Internet can expand your market immensely and can open your business up to whole new range of customers.

Encourage Repeat Business - A Springboard Site can help bring in repeat business in several ways. Your web site is capable of capturing user data through the built in contact form. It then becomes easy to follow up and bring customers back by offering specials or advertising current promotions. Current customers can also refer friends to your business directly through your site.

Inform and Educate Customers About New Products or Services - Inform and educate customers about new products and/or services. Often just getting the word out about new products or services is enough to generate new sales. After all, people can't buy what they don't know about. Your web site combined with features like the built in customer contact module makes this easy!

These are just some of the ways a Springboard Site can help your business profit from the web. Contact your Internet Consultant or Web Professional for more information today!

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